Publishing Your Book

You have finished writing your book and now it's time to publish.

  • If you want to publish your work as a tangible, paper book, you need the finalized manuscript in the form of a high-quality PDF. Some print-on-demand services provide tools to create a cover, but I recommend that you create your own high-quality PDF for your cover (front, back, and spine as one big PDF page). That's the safest way to ensure that your cover will look exactly the way you expect it.
  • If you want to publish your work as an eBook, you need the finalized manuscript in ePub format. Most of the services that distribute eBooks are capable of converting ePub files to other formats such as .mobi or the Kindle format that is used by Amazon. A JPEG-file with a decent resolution is sufficient for the cover.

We have covered creating such files in the chapter about producing your book. This chapter is about publishing your book either as a paper book or as an eBook.