I created my own extremely simple CMS

For many years, I have used Drupal for the lowagie.com and wil-low.com websites but when Drupal 8 was discontinued last year, I didn't succeed in upgrading to Drupal 9, so I looked for an easier solution.

I looked at many CMS systems and I wondered why those things need to be so complex. In the end, I decided to write my own extremely simple system. I wrote a script to extract all the existing blogposts and a single page of code to render them all. Granted, the new version of my sites doesn't look hip, but the new system serves its purpose and that's sufficient for me. Less is more.

There was one major downside of my simple CMS: I had to handcode the HTML content of the blog posts. I am now in the process of solving this. I downloaded a WYSIWYG editor and I am now writing the code that accepts the HTML and puts it in a directory where it can be found by my CMS. This is the first post that was created this way. If you can see this, my admin page works!


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