Wineries near Ghent

We love California because we love Californian wine, and we like visiting Californian wineries (TestaRossa in Los Gatos and Picchetti in Cupertino are our favorites). We had already tasted some Belgian wines in a great restaurant in Ghent, Steendam 66, but up until last weekend, we never had a chance to visit these wineries.

When we learned that several wineries were having an open house, we decided to visit three of them. In the pictures to the left, you see Wijndomein Nobel in Lochristi. We bought some really good Chardonnay there. In the pictures to the right, you see Wijndomein De Roscam, a much smaller place in Merelbeke.

Nobel en Roscam

In the afternoon, we drove to Zwijnaarde, to Wijndomein Waes where they make Waes Rood (red wine) and Waes Wit (white wine). We bought ourselves some Waes Wit.

Wijndomein Waes

For us, being used to California, it's hard to understand why you'd want to grow a vineyard in wet Belgium, where grapes are exposed to too much rain, cold, and to critters and diseases that don't exist in warm, dry California. But we really enjoyed the wines we tasted on this beautiful wine trip in and around Ghent.


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