BelCham Gala 2017

In 2014, we won the BelCham Entrepreneurship Award in the category "Most Promising Company of the Year." Last year, we couldn't attend the Annual BelCham Gala, because it took place at the same moment as JavaOne where Bruno was a speaker. This year, the Gala and JavaOne were one week apart, and we made sure we could attend.

Alexander De Croo, speaking at the BelCham Gala

Mary Beth Koeth took our picture, just after we entered:

Ingeborg and Bruno (picture copyright M.B. Koeth)
Copyright M.B. Koeth, 2017

Datacamp was this edition's Most Promising Company of the Year:\

Datacamp: winnner Most Promising Company of the Year

The score board of the fund raising at BelCham

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